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The Skeleton Key

If it locks or unlocks (or if it should lock/unlock but doesn't) it is highly likely that we  know about it, and how to repair it and get it operational.

Rest assured The Skeleton Key (TSK)  are not novice Locksmiths, the Managing Director of TSK has been a qualified Locksmith for 25 years and 'cut his teeth' in the industry when Locksmithing was not based on computers and electronic machinery, though he still is on the tools, knows that times have evolved and he has kept abreast of the changes in Locksmithing that are relevant to the services that TSK offers.

TSK are located in Tamworth, NSW and service Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

The Skeleton Key are members of the 'Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia'.

Opening Hours/Contactable:

'7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year' (including Public Holidays) between 0800-1800.

TSK operates seven days a week (weekends as needed) between the times of 8.00am and 6.00pm. Generally, TSK will work from dawn to dusk, if needed we can start a job in the daylight and finish it in the moonlight, though we do not operate a 24/7 business and do not provide emergency call out-services outside of 0800-1800 hours.

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Automotive Locksmithing

About Us

The Managing Director of The Skeleton Key is a fully qualified Locksmith who started working in the trade over 25 years ago. He 'cut his teeth' in the industry starting as an apprentice in 1992 under the expert tutelage of the late John Carter, who established Tamworth's first modern day Locksmith business in 1972.

After a decade in the Locksmith industry, because of family commitments, TSK's Managing Director had to cease working as a full-time Locksmith, a trade he loved.

Though not working as a full-time Locksmith, he always kept abreast of changes in the Locksmith industry, especially regarding his specialist areas of residential and commercial locksmithing, as well as opening, servicing, and repairing of all types of safes.

He kept his hands on the tools through helping friends, family and employers with odd jobs, offering security advice as required, repairing locks and doors, in addition to restoring vintage locks as part of his hobbies. 

Regarding ‘quality’ management the adage of ‘Do it once' and 'Do it well’ was instilled in him as an apprentice. His belief in this adage is something that he still carries with him today and throughout his working career as a tradesperson through to a WHSE practitioner, and then business owner.


Need a Locksmith?

Domestic Locksmithing 

Reliable and Trustworthy Locksmiths Services

Whether your home was built in the 1800’s or the 2000’s TSK have the skills and knowledge to cut keys for or repair any lock at your residence, be it an antique lock or the latest product. TSK offers the whole suite of locksmith services for your home. We have the skills, knowledge, and professional experience required to rekey, repair, or replace all types of locks in your home, from antique-style rim or mortice locks, to standard entrance sets, deadbolts, or window locks, and the very latest in electronic or digital locking mechanisms.

TSK can come to your home and provide you with an obligation-free security inspection, advice, and quote. Our expert tradespeople will tell you what locks need to be installed, whether to lower insurance premiums or reduce the risk of break-in as to protect your family and possessions.

TSK can supply and install new locks for you, or we can install locks that you supply yourself. Our qualified staff can also repair, replace, or rekey all types of domestic locks, from knobsets and deadlocks, to sliding door locks and patio bolts, as well as letterbox and window locks. We can also adjust doors and realign lock strikes, which often move with changes in weather, to ensure that that your doors swing properly, and latches sit correctly in their strikes.

Remember that rekeying locks is always extremely important after purchasing a new home, rekeying the locks of your recently purchased new home will ensure the previous owner does not have access. This is particularly important if it was ever used as a rental, as there could be any number of keys 'floating' around out there. Otherwise, if someone ever did steal something after gaining access with an old key, it could become an 'insurance nightmare'.

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Commercial Locksmithing

Is your business premises and assets secure?

TSK have the skills and knowledge to repair or install locks to protect your business from theft and break-in and to ensure that when things do not go to plan your customers are also protected such as ensuring those emergency exit devices are working correctly.

Often it is not until things do not go to plan, and after an 'event' that businesses identify what risks of liability their company/enterprise are exposed to.

Be it theft or simply non-compliance to statutory requirements.

Like it or not, in todays world there is a host of legislation, standards and building codes that businesses are required to adhere to (or advised to adhere to), in order to protect the health and safety of persons. These include what locks and egress devices are installed at your business premises.

TSK are abreast of what legislation, standards and building codes need to be met to not only protect your business possessions but also protect your business from liability.

 Safes Services

Safe servicing, repairs and maintenance.

TSK have many years of experience working with all types, classes, and sizes of safes. Not only can we advise upon, supply, install, and remove safes in both residential and commercial situations, but we can also provide repair and maintenance services.

This includes the opening and repairing of safes that can’t be unlocked because of lost/unknown combinations, lost keys or from damage when attacked from attempted unauthorised entry, changing safe codes and combinations, safe maintenance like adjusting loose hinges, dials, and locking bolts.

We can convert any safe that opens with a safe key lock or dial combination lock to one that opens with a digital keypad and electronic safe lock. Our experts also have the skills and knowledge required to make you a new set of safe keys, whether you need an extra copy of a key or you have no keys at all.

The Managing Director of TSK has over 25 years of experience with safe work and is still on the tools today and has competently opened many a safe and got it in operational order as per testimonial below.


Handyperson Services

Need a hand, consider it done.

TSK are more than Locksmiths having skills and knowledge over multiple trades including shopfitting & detailed joinery and the construction industry making TSK reliable and competent ‘Handypersons’.

Not only can we fit that lock but we can also install the new door that the lock needs to be fitted to (as per picture).

TSK offer a reliable, competent, and quality handyperson services.

Our team at TSK can complete household repairs that you either don’t have the time, the tools, or the knowledge to repair. 

So whether it is a dragging & binding door, replacing sash cords on those old double hung windows, or mounting that television on the wall, TSK can get it done for you.

Unsure what we can do? Just ask us!

New Door Hung and Lock-Hardware Fitted

Yes!!! We cut and program keys for cars!

Automotive Locksmiths

Yes!!! We do automotive locksmithing.

Whether its a WB Holden/XD Falcon or a VF Commodore/Ford Ranger it doesn't matter what the age of the vehicle is, we can help you.

TSK has invested in the latest diagnostic tools, such as 'Smart Pro' and 'Autel', to be able to program new keys and remotes into later model vehicles.

If you need a spare key for your car, truck, motorcycle or have lost all keys for your car contact us for a competitive price to undertake these works for you.

Our workshop has the top of the line 'Silca Futura Edge' & 'Silca Futura Auto' key cutting machines, with our mobile workshop having onboard the 'Silca Futura Pro' key cutting machine (The 'Edge' and 'Auto' machines bundled into one machine plus more!!!), and can cut most automotive keys on site. So, you can come to us or we can come to you (no need to load your vehicle onto a car trailer and transport it if you have lost all your keys).

TSK also supply and/or supply/install automotive locks so if you need a replacement ignition or door lock contact us.

As previously stated it does not matter about the age of the vehicle, (though the Managing Director of TSK has a passion for and quite a collection of vintage automotive locks), so if you are restoring an older vehicle and need assistance in restoring the locks please contact TSK.


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0800 - 1800

7 Days a week.


Serving Tamworth and the North West

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